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Why I Love La La Land So Much.     

I love La La Land … I don’t think that comes as a shock to anyone who follows any of my social media accounts. 

But why exactly do I love La La Land so much? 

The cinematography 

Visually this film is absolutely stunning! In fact it’s positivity breath taking. I still can’t get over how aesthetically pleasing it is! 

Every shot from start to finish in this film is composed and shot perfectly. It’s clear to see that a lot of incredibly talented people worked on shooting this film. 

Here are 5 of my favourite shots from the film : 


The Characters 

Of course Mia and Seb are my favourite characters. (There the main characters of course they were going to be). But to me they are more than that. They made me laugh , they made me cry , they showed me that being a dreamer was just as Romantic and Dream like as I always thought it was. 

Sure the ending of the film broke my heart because I adored them as a couple, and was so invested in their story but that didn’t stop me adoring the film and them separately as characters. 
The Soundtrack 

The Film has a breathtaking soundtrack, that I haven’t stop listening to since the night after I first watched the film. 

City Of Stars, Mia’s Audition song (Fools Who Dream) and A Lovely Night are my three favourites from the whole soundtrack. They all had me in floods of tears, and even now after I’ve heard them countless times they still make me tear up. 

I honestly don’t think there will ever come a time when I get bored of this soundtrack and never want to listen to it. It’s just breaktaking. 

The Story

This film has such a beautiful well rounded story. I am an incredibly nostalgic person so this film made my little heart very happy. It transported me back to 50’s Hollywood an era which I love quite a bit. 

Especially the movies of that era they are some of my all time favourites, and the fact that la la Land mirrored these movies so well is one of this biggest reasons I loved it so much. 

The plot line of this film was such a rollercoaster of emotions for me, because as a creative person I totally understood what both Mia and Seb were going through when trying to make it big. As much as it broke my heart seeing Mia and Seb split and go there separate ways, I applaud the makers of this film for putting that in. Becuase it shows the true sacrifice that sometimes comes with wanting to fully peruse your biggest dreams. 
I’m very much a hopeless romantic and that aspect of this story made me smile to no end. I hope that seeing this kind of romance on the big screen will inspire a whole new generation of hopeless romantics. True romance seems lost with recent generations. 

I completely understand why this film won so many awards it deserved all of them and more. 

Did you love or hate La La Land? Let me know in the comments. The more I get to talk about this film the happier I am. So send all of your opinions and questions my way.
⭐️ Here’s To The Ones Who Dream, Foolish As They May Seem ⭐️ 
Speak to you all again soon, never stop dreaming – Kimberley 💖



10 thoughts on “Why I Love La La Land So Much.     

  1. I haven’t actually seen La La Land yet but I plan to very soon, especially after how much you’ve raved about it,it sounds so good! I’m glad the characters are easy to relate to and sympathise with. That’s always so important to me 🙂


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