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Walt Disney World Wednesday – A Huge Update 

Hey there TeaCups! 

Since I last spoke to you all about our Walt Disney World vacation in September of this year a big change has been made. 

As you all know we had booked to stay at Caribbean Beach for our vacation. 

Well as you may have seen online starting in may this year Caribbean Beach is due to go under major refurbs. 

When we found this out we were hardly given any information. We had no idea which parts of the hotel were due to be closed and wether or our stay would be affected. 

Slowly but surely Disney started to release more information and we were informed that our stay would be affected.

As soon as I found out that it would effect us, I was on the phone to Disney to see what they could do. 

Amazingly Disney we’re able to move us to a new resort free of charge and we’re now staying a 


( Credit For All Images : Walt Disney World Holidays Web Site. )

Of course at first we were gutted about having to change our hotel but having looked more into Port Orleans French Quater we’re both incredibly excited to stay there. I actually think we’re more excited to stay here than we were Caribbean Beach. 

I’ll be sure to update you all on what we thought of this hotel when get back! But as of right now I think we’re going to love it. 

I mean aside from the fact that the hotel is beautiful, we can now get a boat to Disney springs and that makes me incredibly happy. 

We’ve also finally decided on who we will be going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party as ….but there’ll be more about that in future Walt Disney World Wednesday Posts! As well as sneak peaks on my Instagram and Twitter so make sure you are following me. 

           ONLY 194 DAYS TO GO! 

I think that’s all for this weeks Walt Disney World Wednesday post. This is only the first of many though I can’t wait to talk more about my holiday with you all – Kimberley 💖


7 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Wednesday – A Huge Update 

  1. You will love Port Orleans, we’ve stayed there twice in the past. We’re actually in Florida this week. Just the other day we jumped on the riverboat at Disney Springs for the ride to Port Orleans. We walked around the grounds and ate at the cafeteria/restaurant before heading back. Wonderful, just a bit cool this week, Disney actually closed both waterparks today and tomorrow because of the low temperature. Still fun though. Enjoy the countdown!

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  2. The hotel looks lovely! And that’s great you get the boat ride to Disney springs! Do you think you’ll see a lot of Tiana and the gang there seen as how it’s set in Orleans?? That wind be amazing if you did! Hehe xx

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  3. I would’ve kicked up a massive fuss if Disney didn’t sort you out free of charge, as it’s their mistake after all so I’m glad everything’s been done for you. That French quarter looks amazing though so I’m sure you’ll have a really good time!

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