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Ambassadors Of Kindness – 2 Month Update 

Hey everyone! It’s now been almost 2 full months since I started my year long Ambassadors Of Kindness campaign. Today I thought I’d give you all a little bit of an update on how the campaign is going so far. 

The Campaign now has a twitter account

The reason I decided to do this is so I could reach as many people as possible with this campaign and get other bloggers involved as well.

 So far this has worked really well and I’m so happy that people have loved the idea of this campaign and wanted to get involved!  Over on the twitter account I’ve been posting daily ideas of what you can do to put a little bit of kindness back into the world so make sure you check it out. 

Everyone that is getting involved so far : 

Hannah – Hannah will be posting monthly updates about what she has been doing since the campagin started on January 13th. 

Madeline – Is posting on her twitter each day about what she has been doing and she’s doing an amazing job so far. 

Ciara – Has written about the campaign on her blog. 

Lauren – Will be posting on twitter about what she has been doing as an Ambassador Of Kindness 

As you can see there are quiet a few amazing people getting involved with this campaign so far and I’m so grateful for each and every one of them. Remember it’s never to late to join in with us the more people the more kindness we can spread. 

 What have I been doing over the last two months as an Ambassador Of Kindness?

Aside from my daily acts of kindness which is what this campaign is about (I’ll be writing a separate post all about those) I’ve also been doing these things : 

– I’ve been making sure to smile at every single person I walk past in the street. I do this because you never know how much a simple smile could help someone through thier day. 

 I’ve been trying my best to get over my fear of talking to new people and complimenting people if I like something they’re wearing or  just look like they could do with a little pick me up. 
– I’ve been making sure to use the voice I have to make a difference in a good way. 

– I make sure I say thank you to every server I have in a restaurant or a at the till in a supermarket. This my sound like a small thing to do but manners have been forgotten about recently and they need to make a return. 

– I’ve been making sure to comment and like every blog post / YouTube video I read/ watch and love. Again this might sound like a small thing but every time I get a comment a like it makes me so happy. So I like to do that for others as well. 

One thing I’ve noticed over the last two months is that even the smallest things can help people. That is what I’ll be focusing on for the next months of this campaign as I really want to highlight its importance. 
What do you guys think. Should I do monthly or 2 monthly updates about the Ambassadors Of Kindness campaign? 

Be sure to Let me know in the comments 💖 

Speak to you all again soon. Remember to be kind to everyone you meet – Kimberley 💖


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