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My Top 5 Etsy Shops      

Recently I’ve been shopping on Etsy a lot more and I can already tell that I’ll only be doing more over the rest of this year. So I thought for today’s post I’d share my current top 5 Etsy Shops. 

5. Where Seams Come True 

I’m sure by now you all know how much I love Where Seams Come true and the amazing products that Hollie makes. I had to include this shop on my Top 5 as I know I’ll be making an order from here soon for my Walt Disney World trip in September. Hollie is the only person I would go to, to make my DisneyBounding Bows. She puts so much love and hard work in each bow she makes. I’d always highly recommend her to anybody looking for super cute Disney acsessories. 


4. Main Street Ears 


 Main Street Ears is run by the incredibly talented Britt from Disney At Heart on YouTube. There was no doubt in my mind at all that this shop had to have a place on this list. The Ears that Britt Makes are breathinging amazing. She has so much creative talented that practically shines through each and every set. If you’re heading to any of this Disney parks soon or just want to show your Disney side in everyday life I highly recommend you go to Britt for your ears.



3. It’s Lizi 

It’s Lizi is an Etsy shop run by @elizabeth_how on twitter. I’m yet to make an order from this shop but I know that’s going to change this year becuase her products are just to cute to pass up. Every new product she releases just gets better and better each time. I especially love her Disney inspired underground prints I’m going to have to buy a sugar rush one. 


2.  Sweetest Nerdy Dreams 

Sweetest Nerdy Dreams is run by Korina from That One Couple TV on YouTube. I came across her Etsy shop when they mentioned it in ones of their videos and from the moment I found it my nerdy little heart has been urging me to make a purchase. Pretty much every fandom you can imagine is covered in this Etsy shop there is no doubt at all you will find something you love here

1. DorkFace 

If you’re a huge planner and sticker fan like I am you will absolutely love this shop! This shop is run by the lovely @dorkfaceblog on twitter who also runs an amazing blog (www.dorkface.co.uk) . Jemma is incredibly talented and I absolutely adore the stickers and prints that she makes. Such a passionate and talented woman who will always create the best art she can for her customers. 

I would love to hear which Etsy shops are your current favourites and let me know if you make any purchases from the shops I’ve mentioned.

Speak to you all soon. Remember to be kind to everyone you meet. – Kimberley x


15 thoughts on “My Top 5 Etsy Shops      

  1. Ah it’s Lizi looks so lovely! My sister and I are huge Disney fans and I love surprising her with Etsy gifts come her birthday and Christmas ~ such lovely shops thank you for sharing! I love the shop Maple and Whisky as well xx


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