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Walt Disney World Planning Update 

So since the last planning update I wrote a lot of things have changed. All good things of course that have only made me even more excited for this vacation. 

Dining Changes – due to changes I’ve had to make to what I eat becuase of my allergy and the things that can effect it we’ve no taken the Grand Floridian Cafe off our tablet device dining plans. As much as I wanted to dine here I just can’t see it being feasible with the amount of things I’m having to stop eating. I still know I’m going to have to at least visit the Grand it’s to beautiful not to at least pop in.


Friends! – Since the last update I posted a few of our friends from the twittervrese have booked their vacation over the same dates we are there! I can’t wait to meet everyone in the most magical place on earth. 

If you want to keep up to date with thier planning updates as we all get excited for our vacations follow them on twitter : 

DeAndre : @PlayWearTalkRed 

Soph : @Makewearplay 

Shouls : @Enchantedpans

Jamie : @hole_ground 

David : @davidatdisney 

A few other friends might also be there around the same time as is as well but they haven’t booked yet. 

Days / Parks –  We now have a rough plan/list of which park we want to be in on each day and how long we want to be there for. Obviously this is just a rough draft for now as we’re waiting for Disney to releases the park opening times for when we are there. Once they’ve realised them we can Finalise our plan! They’re will be a separate update closer to the time about our final day plan and fast passes. 
Flights – The flights we could book finally went on sale so we jumped at the chance to get them at a lowish price while we could make me sure we booked good seats. We’ll be flying from Gatwick and with British airways. It all feels so much more real now that our flight are booked. As a result of booking our flight we’ve also booked our magical express to and from the airport. 

DisneyBounding –  I’ve made the very sensible decision to try and Disney bound everyday on this trip anymore. It just would have been to much of a push for me and would have ended up costing so much. I will still be doing some DisneyBounding but only on my birthday and for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. More about those two bounds coming soon. 

As of today we are we are 254 days away from the vacation of a life time! 

For now I think that’s all I have to update on. I’m more than sure there will be a lot more of these updates as we get closer and closer to the trip.

If you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned in this post let me know. I’ll happily answer them.  
Talk to you all again soon. Remember to be kind to everyone you meet. – Kimberley 💖


14 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Planning Update 

  1. This is beyond exciting — you are going to LOVE Disney World! I’ve been a few times and am dying to go back with my husband now that we are married. I can’t wait to see all of your Disneybounds, and hear which parks you’re planning to visit, too!!


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