Our Walt Disney World Planning Binder 

So as you can probably tell by the title today’s post is another of the posts for my Walt Disney World planning series that is leading up to the big trip in September of next year! I have recently been sucked into the amazing world of Pintrest and which searching for Walt Disney World pins to give me a little bit more information I came across lots of planning binder pin. And I slowly and came around to the idea of making one for us for our trip as I know I will be too excited at the time to be worrying about different bits of paperwork and where they are. So it will be nice to have them all in one place before we head out there. 
Our planning binder currently has 10 section these are : 

Flights and Travel 

– Hotel + Maps 

– Dining 

– Magic Kingdom 

– Animal Kingdom 

– Epcot 

– Hollywood Studios 

– Water Parks 

– Shopping List + Receipts 

– Misc

My binder isn’t finished yet and still has a lot of things that need adding to each section but anything else that I add to the binder I will be sure to make an update post for as it gets closer to the time of the trip. But for now let’s get into more detail with the sections I currently have and what they currently have in them. 

Flights And Travel 

Current in the section I have everything we could possibly need while we are traveling to and from Orlando 

This section currently has : 

– A getting ready for Walt Disney World check list – found here ( http://lilluna.com/planning-your-vacation-to-walt-disney-world/

– Several different packing lists found on Pintrest ( if you would like the links to these please message me on Twitter or comment on this post) – http://indulgy.com/post/2Fv7qtoXd1/the-ultimate-disney-world-packing-list-could-b

– Plane Information + Seating Plan (found on the companies webpage (Virgin Atlantic) 

– The ultimate carry on checklist – found here ( http://www.brownelltravel.com/blog/carry-on-checklist/ ) 

– Luggage information and Weight limits (Found on the Virgin Atlantic website)

–  Both Airport Maps 

Of course closer to the time and after we have booked the flights this section will also hold out plane tickets and well as any other important travel documentation we might need. In my honest opinion this is the most boring section of the binder but by far the most important one haha. 

Hotel Information 

This section speaks for itself really and at the moment it just has all of the information I could possibly find on the Hotel we are staying it (Caribbean Beach) including the hotel map and food court information I can’t see this section being added to at all before our trip really as there is not much more that needs to go in there and I would rather keep the binder in the lighter side while we a traveling. Something that I haven’t mentioned yet that each section will be used to hold all the bits from the holiday that I want to scrapbook that relate to the separate section. I thought that doing this would be a great idea to help keep the countless amounts of things I am going to scrapbook in some sort of order for the travel home (haha). 


This section in the binder has a lot less in it than the other sections but that is only because we haven’t made out dining reservations yet. We will be making three dining reservations in total so currently the only things in this section are the the menus for the places we have decided on (which I will be doing a separate post on in the future). For when we do make our dining reservations I found a great printout in Pintrest that is an annual dining reservations sheet which I am really sure I will find helpful in keeping everything in one place when it does come to making our Advance Dining Reservations as I will have lots of other things to keep track of at the time as well. 

(You can find the dining reservations sheet printable here 😦 http://www.lovelycommotion.com/disney-planning-binder-printables/ ) 

Now we can get into the less boring sections of the binder..The Park Specific sections these are my personal favourite sections of the whole binder. These sections are currently the fullest out of the whole binder but I think that’s because I was able to find more in the way of printables and information for the separate parks than I was for my other sections. Of course any printables I will talk about will be linked in each section. 

Magic Kingdom 

A Magic Kingdom Wish list 

An Attractions/Rides Checklist (Can be found here : https://www.behance.net/gallery/7275209/WDW-Attraction-Checklist )  

Park Maps ( Can be found by Google search)  

A list of the best vegetarian quick service places to eat in MK ( Made by me – let me know if you want a copy )

Animal Kingdom 

Animal Kingdom Wish list 

An Attractions/ Rides Checklist ( Can Be Found Here : https://www.behance.net/gallery/7275209/WDW-Attraction-Checklist ) 

Park Maps 

–  A list of the best vegetarian quick service places to eat in AK (Made By me – let me know if you want a copy) 


– Epcot Wish list sheet 

An Attractions / Ride Checklist ( Can Be Found Here :https://www.behance.net/gallery/7275209/WDW-Attraction-Checklist ) 

Food And Wine Festival Info (Can Be Found on the WDW website) 

Park Maps 

– A list of the best vegetarian quick service places to eat in Epcot 

Hollywood Studios 

Hollywood Studios Wish list 

An Attractions / Rides Checklist ( Can Be Found Here : https://www.behance.net/gallery/7275209/WDW-Attraction-Checklist

– A list of the best vegetarian quick service places to eat in HS 

Water Parks 
This section is split into two sections one for each of Disney Water Parks. The information I have in each of the sections is petty much the same because we’re only spending a day at each of the Water Parks. 

Blizzard Beach

Park Maps 

List of all Slides / Attractions 

Opening Times / Prices 

Restaurants list + Menus 

( All Information Found on the Walt Disney World Website)

Typhoon Lagoon 

– Park Maps 

– List of all Slides / Attractions 

– Opening Times / Prices 

– Restaurants list + Menus 

( All Information Found on the Walt Disney World Website)


I wanted to include a shopping section in our binder because I wanted us to be able to have a rough spending budget before we go so that we know roughly how much to to change over from pounds to dollars before the trip. 

Currently this section only holds 

1 main shopping list 

A food and drink shopping list 

– A souvenier shopping list. 

During the trip all of the receipts we collect will be going in this section so that when we do our haul when we get back I’ll be able to give true prices. 
The current final section in our binder is the Misc section. This section have everyting in it that wouldn’t warrant it’s own section. 

It currently holds : 

– A Disney Springs Wish List 

A full WDW Map ( Found Here through a Google search ) 

–  A where to escape the rain checklist ( Found on Pintrest) 

An ultimate photo Checklist ( Found Here : http://www.adventurermom.com/2015/09/ultimate-disney-photo-list/ ) 

Tipping information ( Found Here via Google search ) 

I can see this section holding a lot more as it gets closer to the time as there are a lot of bits I still need to put in that won’t get there own section. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my WDW vacation binder and if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to ask me.

Speak to you all soon – Kimberley xx 


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