Yard And Coop Manchester – Review


I want to use this Friday’s post to tell you all about a local Manchester restaurant that I frequent called Yard and Coop. Yard and Coop is a smallish restaurant hidden in Manchesters unique northern quarter , it’s mostly sell known for being the home of Buttermilk fried chicken in Manchester but my review today is going to focus on something other than that , because I will be taking about the experiences I’ve had as a vegetarian eating there if you would like to hear more about that side of their menu there are lots of reviews online that make for a great read. 

The great thing for me about Yard and Coop is that I can pretty much have free reign of their whole menu even as a vegetarian because all of the meat options that are in the dishes on their menus can be change to halloumi which is the nicest cheese in the whole world and even better in some of the amazing and creative dishes this great restaurant offers. 

By far my favourite dish at Yard and Coop is there Not Chicken Nuggets and sweet potato fries with a my favourite sauce of theirs the bourbon Sauce. Incase you are worked what the hell are not chicken nuggets? Well they are prices of halloumi which are buttermilk fried in Yard and Coops very own recipes batter and they are absolutely phenomenal and something I have every single time I go in. The Bourbon sauce complements the halloumi incredibly well and I would highly recommend it go anybody going it not just the vegetarians. 

The portion sizes at Yard and Coop are reasonably sized and very very filling there is never been a time that I have left and wanted to eat again for the rest of the day that I have been so full! And considering how good the portions are the price that you pay is incredibly reasonable and well worth paying for what you get. Not only is the food and drink at Yard and Coop perfect their service and customer care is beyond amazing they have the most genuine and lovley staff that I look forward to chatting to every time I go there. 

In short Yard and Coop is my number 1 Manchester restaurant and it’s going to take some topping! If you can take a trip there anytime too I highly recommend you do. If you do come back here and let me know what you thought of it I always loves hearing all of your opinions. 

Happy eating 💖 

Talk to you all! Again soon – Kimberley xx 



One thought on “Yard And Coop Manchester – Review

  1. I went there on Thursday evening after work. The staff were very friendly. I had the Vegas fries (chicken thighs, sweet & normal fries, jam & peanut butter) it was delightful. Would eat there again. I would say it needs some air-con cause it was hot af. Still a great visit.


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