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Walt Disney World Bucket List Tag

So as you all know by now I’m taking my very first trip to Disney World next year with my amazing other half and we are super excited as you can probably tell! I recently came across a video done by OurDidneeSide in which they did they disney world tag but they changed the questions around a bit to fit there up coming trip to wdw and changed it into the Wait Disney World Bucket List Tag. It was great to watch both of the OurDidneeSide ladies get so excited about there trip and I just knew I had to have a go at this tag myself! 

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So let’s get started with the questions shall we!! 
1. When are you going? – September 2017 

2 . Which do you think will be your favourite WDW park?  – I am 100% sure it is going to be Magic Kingdom 

3. Which do you think will be your favourite land in Magic Kingdom? – I think for me this is going to be Fantasyland 

4 . Where are you staying? – We are staying at Caribbean Beach for our full stay. 

5. Snack you want to eat first? – Dole Whip! 🍍🍍 

6. Souvenier you will spend the most on? – I’m not sure about this one yet though I am possibly thinking of getting a Vera Bradley item.. depending on the patterns available at the time 

7. Table service you want to try? – Be Our Guest + Skipper Canteen 

8. Counter service you want to try? – Sunshine season(s) in Epcot 

9. Character dining experience you are excited for? – So far we aren’t planning to do any character dining experiences 

10. Ride you are most looking forward to? – Tower of Terror + Haunted Mansion 

11. Ride you plan to avoid? Probably Peter Pans Flight I can’t see us standing in that line at all haha 

12. Show you are most excited to see? – I’m really excited to see Festival Of The Lion King in Animal Kingdom 

13. Parade you want to watch? – I’m beyond excited to see Festival Of Fantasy! 

14. Fireworks you are excited for? – it’s so hard to pick I’m really excited for both Wishes and the new Star Wars fireworks in Hollywood Studios

15. Pavilion(s) you want to visit most? –  Japan and Canada 

16. Magic Band Colour(s)? – Pink and Purple 

17. Face character you want to meet? – Belle of course 💞 

18. Non face character you want to meet? – This would have to be Joy and Sadness at the character spot in Epcot

19. Character you wish you could meet? – Max Goof 🙂 

20. Which attraction / event do you wish was there for your trip? – Attraction wise I wish star wars land was going to be built before we visit but it’s looking even more unlikely at the moment. Event wise I would have to say the Christmas party. 

21. Did you book on your own or with a travel agent? – We booked on our own and even as first timers we found it really easy to do. 

22. On site hotel that you want to visit? – This would have to be either the poly or the Grand Floridian for me. 

23. Something not in your plans that would be a dream come true? – staying in dream suite inside the Castle.🏰

24. What is the first thing you will buy? – Probably a hotel pin  for the hotel we are staying in as I know how fast they can sell out.

25. What transportation are you excited to use? – The ferryboat and the monorails 

26. Movie you wish they represented more in the parks? – Robin Hood 

27. Main Street shop you want to visit first? – The Emporium 😍 

28. Disney Spring shop you want to visit first? – World of Disney or Basin 

29. Are you visiting during a holiday? – we are visiting during the Halloween season 🎃

30. Do you wish your were? –  I wish we could visit during Christmas as well 🎄🎁 
I absolutely loved doing this tag and it’s made me even more excited for my trip! If you enjoyed finding ou more about my Disney trip and what I’m the most excited for keep your eyes on the blog as there will be a lot more Walt Disney World Content coming up soon. 

And if you are also planning a trip to Disney World I tag you do this as I would love to see other peoples answers so these questions! 

Talk to you all again soon – Kimberley xx 


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