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Tagtastic Gifts Review 

So the ever so lovely people at Tagtastic gifts very generously sent me so custom disney luggage tags recently and I just had to write a post about them and show you guys just how cute they are! 

Tagtastic Gifts create personalised disney luggage tags, and a variety of other things and there products are amazing. And I can see their company being very very successful in the coming months in my opinion they are 100% a must have for any disney fan making a trip to the parks either this year or next! They are a create yet subtle way to add a bit of your personality to your luggage. 

Tagtastic Gifts are able to personalise the tags that you order in a lot of ways the two tags that they sent to me I opted for one Mickey mouse shaped and one Minnie Mouse shaped one. The Mickey Mouse shaped one I had personalised for other half with his name on one side and Walt Disney World 2017 on the other and the same for the Minnie Mouse one that I had personalised for me. Not only can you personalise the shape of the tag it’s self but you can also add any of your favourite characters from Snow white to Baymax the opportunities are endless. 

I was very impressed with the tags when they arrived in the post I couldn’t believe how good the quality was the actual tags are made out of what I think is card but they are also laminated so will withstand anything weathering that they happen to encounter while you are travelling. Tagtastic gifts offer these tags for £1.50 each with free uk postage which in my opinion is a very reasonable price for the products that they offer. I highly recommend these tags to absolutely everyone they are great for trips to the park and also for any disney fan that just loves travelling! 
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