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Planning Our Walt Disney World Vacation (2) 

So I’m back this Monday with the next part of my Walt Disney World planning series. So with just over 400 days to go until our holiday where are we up to with planning? 

A lot of things planning wise  have changed since I last wrote a blog post about our trip we have decided on a different hotel and we are now staying at Caribbean Beach and we are staying for 11 days now. we’ve seen nothing but great reviews for Caribbean Beach and we can’t wait to stay there next year. 

Because of the time that we booked our holiday we got our dining plan in the free dining plan deal this meant for us that we could stay for longer which is great as we want to get the absolute most of the trip that we possibly can. Also in this deal we were given a $200 gift card from disney so as you can imagine we are already planning on how to spend that! 

We have also started planning which Dining reservations we are going to make we had to do a lot of research to find out where would be best for us to eat as we are both vegetarian which there are a lot of options for but I am also very allergic to mushrooms so this brings the options down a little bit as for where we can eat. 

So far we have decided that we will be making 3 dining reservations. 

We will be making reservations at : 

Be Our Guest for lunch 

The reason we have decided to have lunch at Be Our Guest instead of dinner is very simple, it’s just because we both like the look of there lunch menu a lot more.

Via Napoli for dinner 

Before deciding on where we wanted to eat on one of our nights at Epcot we looked through pretty much every menu available and we pretty let down by the lack of good vegetarian options so in terms of what stood out to us the most Via Napoli and it’s famous pizza stood out to us the most. 

And Finally 

Skipper Canteen for either lunch or dinner we haven’t decided fully on that yet. 

I had no knowledge of Skipper Canteen until Sprinkle me Disney a great YouTube disney family posted a video in which they visited on their last trip and I had to look more into it after seeing it featured and was very happy to see such a great range of veggie options on both their lunch and dinner menu we are both so excited to eat here and I can’t wait to make out reservations! 


After a lot of faffing around with quite a good few phone calls to Disney we finally got to the point where we could choose and customise our Magic Bands! 

Of course I  went for the pink magic band I mean did anybody really expect anything else of me! My other half went for the new ish purple magic band. One thing I love about the magic bands is that you can customise them with your names and you can have any name or nick name you want though we just went for our actual names. Though I have ordered us both some vinyl name decals for them as well.

To make sure that all of my planning and paperwork is all in one place I’ve started putting together a Walt Disney World Planning binder and it’s proving really helpful so far and I will certainly be taking it with us on the trip! 

I’ll be writing a separate post about my planning binder to show you how I’ve put it together and what else I’ll be adding to it as time goes on. 

There will be more Walt Disney World Planning posts coming up soon so keep your eyes on the blog you don’t want to miss anything !! 

Speak to you all soon – Kimberley xx


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