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Planning my Walt Disney World Vacation (1)

If you follow me on either twitter on Instagram you will know that my other half and I are currently in the process of planning our very first trip to Walt Disney World. Originally we were going to go to Pairs but but we took the plunge and decided to Walt Disney World instead. While in the process of planning this trip I have read an unhealthy amount of planning post and watched a lot of planning videos so I thought writing this post could be helpful to others planning trips as well.

When are we going?

We are going in from September 27th until October 6th.  We chose these dates not only because we noticed that these dates were among the best for low crowds and also because it will mean that I get to spend my Birthday there which just happens to be one of the items on my WDW bucket list which I will tell you all more about in another post. Going for these dates also means that we will get to experience the start of the Halloween season which will be great.

I would highly suggest going around this time if you want to experience the parks with low crowds granted it will still be busy but it terms of Disney crowds they will be low.


Will we be using a Dining Plan?

After a lot of thinking and working out whether a dining plan would be best for us we decided to go for the quick service meal plan which includes 2 quick service meals and a snack each day of our stay. With the dining plan, you also get one of the refillable resort mugs that you can refill at any time throughout your stay at locations in your resort.

Here’re the maths behind why we chose to go for the Quick Service Dining plan.

For two people at a quick service restaurant in the parks, you would normally pay around $33 dollars. So $33 Dollars 3 times a day adds up to around $100 dollars a day which if you are going for 10 nights like we are adds up to a lot at the end of you stay. As well as the added snack price each day and the price of buying the refillable mug which is a $14.99 plus $6 dollars for each day of your stay for unlimited refills.

So as you can see we will save quite a bit of money on our Quick Service dining plan especially if we make the most of what the parks have to offer Quick service wise I’ll go deeper into the dining plan in a whole other post as I could ramble on for hours about it.

This is just the first post of what will be my Planning for Walt Disney World Series there will be lots more to come over the months before my stay including packing tips , booking our fast passes and lots more.

Talk to you all again soon – Kimberley xx







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