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My Plus Size Disney Bound Wishlist

So as you will all know from a previous post I love the idea behind Disney bounding but haven’t yet found any good options for me being a plus size woman. Until I found Plus Size Pixie’s polyvore and was so excited that somebody had finally found good disney-bound clothing options for plus size women. ( All credit for the images in the post goes to http://plussizepixie.polyvore.com/)

After taking a good look through all of the outfits and ideas I thought I would put together a list of the ones that I love and that I would love to be able to do in the future mostly all of these outfits perfectly match the styles I love so I am even more excited than ever to start Disney Bounding Properly.


So you will not be shocked to know that the first Disney Bound outfit I was drawn to was the village Belle one. Belle is my all time favourite Princess and this outfit is my favourite so of course I have wanted to DisneyBound her for so long and this has given me so much more inspiration to do so and I love the dress in this Peter Pan collar just makes it super cute and I’m a sucker for anything pastel.  This is top of my Disney Bound list and I will be doing this when I visit wdw in 2017.

Plus Size Pixie ~ Day to Night Sequins Belle




Now Vanellope Von Schweetz is a Disney Bound that is really hard to come buy especially being plus size as it can be quite hard to find the cute items for Vanellope. But this has really given me major inspirations for when I cosplay one of the cutest characters ever. I love the mint colour that She wears which I am very glad is in fashion at the moment so items are a lot easier to find.

Plus SIze Pixie ~ Vanellope von Schweetz



I had to include the dapper dans inspired outfit in my post simply because the colour scheme makes me feel so happy and who doesn’t love stripes. I especially love the dress for this outfit as well I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my hands on it when I get around to doing this Disney Bound.

Plus Size Pixie ~ Dapper Dans Fans


Thanks for stopping by to read my post I really hope you enjoyed it!  If you have any DisneyBounds you are currently working on or any that you have on your wishlist I would love to hear your ideas.

Talk to you all soon – Kimberley xx








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