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Walt Disney World Vacation 2017

So after a long while of thinking my 2017 Disney Trip was going to be to Disneyland Paris my other half and I decided to take the plunge and go to Walt Disney World! I never thought that I was going to be able to go to WDW let alone be going for 10 nights with the most amazing person in the world and be able to celebrate my birthday there as well so this really is a dream come true no matter how cheesy that might sound.

My WDW trip with be in September of 2017 from September 27th for 10 nights! We have decided to stay at The Art Of Animation resort I mean who wouldn’t to stay in a room themed around The Little Mermaid. We also decided to opt for the Quick Service meal plan although we will be going to Be Our Guest For Dinner on my birthday I can’t wait to try the grey stuff… I hope its delicious.

Safe to say I’ve already started planning but if anybody has any tips for me at all while I’m there they would be very much appreciated as this will be my very first Disney trip so I’m new to a lot of things.

As you can image there will be lots more posts about this trip over the next few months as I’m already incredibly excited and can’t stop talking about it.

Speak to you all soon – Kimberley xx



3 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Vacation 2017

  1. When I stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter, we got the Quick Service Dining Plan and it was great cause we could go and visit all the different food courts at the different hotels. The Port Orleans Riverside one is fab as there’s so much choice, so I recommend taking a trip there for dinner one day; you can get a horse and carriage ride whilst you’re there or rent a Surrey bike or boat.

    You must be so excited!

    Kat – The Mouse Chick ♡


    1. ooo we might have to do that I’ve heard so many good things about where to eat at the different resorts think we might just have to try and beat the kitchen sink haha xx


  2. I’m actually doing a blog post at the end of this week with a round up of all my disneyworld tips and tricks! You may find it useful 🙂 I’m so excited and happy for you to be planning a trip! Its the best part 🙂


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