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Lush Review – The Comforter -Bubble Bar

Hey everyone it’s that time again yes I’m back with another lush review and this time it all about The Comforter. I had heard nothing but good things about this bubble bar and I will say right now that all those good thing are absolutely true. This bubble Bar has been the best bubble bar I have ever used.

There are so many good things about this product it smells like a mixture of Vimto , Cherry and old school sweet shops. It turns the bath the most beautiful shade of purple and the amount of bubbles it creates is crazy. I only hope that this is a product that Lush never discontinue because it will always be one I have a back up of.


The Cassis absolute gives a great blackcurrant  fragrance which as I said completely reminds me of old school sweet shops, while bergamot adds a very uplifting sweet note that I absolutely love as you will all know I love sweet smelling things. The Comforter gets a 5 out of 5 from me there is absolutely nothing wrong with this product at all and I would recommend this to everybody whether you love lush of are interested in trying out some of their stuff this will get you hooked.

Talk to you all again soon! – Kimberley xx


4 thoughts on “Lush Review – The Comforter -Bubble Bar

  1. So is the difference between this item and lets say a bath bomb, the bubble effect? I just came back from Disney the 27th and actually took a bath bomb with me! haha have you ever been to the soap store in Disney Springs?

    Krystel with


    1. Pretty much and the bubble bars are a lot more softer on your skin as well the bath bombs tend to dry my skin out a lot where as the bubble bars really soften my skin xx


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