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Moana Updates – Stills And Footage


I recently came across these new stills and short sections of footage from Disney’s upcoming film Moana as you all know I’m already extremely excited for this film and I know I’m going to love Princess Moana! These stills to put it quite simply have made me even more excited for this film , it’s  story and the characters within it.

The still blow was tweeted  by Byron Howard the director of Disney’s upcoming Zootopia), in it we get another look at our heroine Moana along with her sidekick Maui. And we also get a little sneak peak at the film’s animal sidekicks: Pua the pig and Hei Hei the rooster. I love this still because you can see the want for adventure within it and the happiness in all of them.


From the still above it is very clear that  Moana will be an exciting story of adventure and discovery and I absolutely can’t wait for it to hit the cinema in November of 2016.

During Disney’s 2015 Disney Parks Christmas parade, keen-eyed Disney fans spotted a new clip from the movie. The few seconds of footage were centered around Maui and I can not wait to find out more about his character though from these bits of footage to me he seems kind heated and happy but I could be wrong lets wait and see.



So are you excited for Moana? if so let me know  I am always happy to talk about this film!!

As always I will talk to you all again soon and keep your eyes out for more updates on Moana…

Kimberley xx


6 thoughts on “Moana Updates – Stills And Footage

  1. I am SO excited for this new film! I saw clips at the D23 Expo last summer, and the “character” of the ocean was breathtaking. Like I almost started crying it was so beautiful! Can’t wait to see more 🙂


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