The “I Just Can’t Wait To Go Disney” Tag

1. How will you get extra excited for your Disney trips?

My Disney trip isn’t until 2017 and I’m already excited! I will probably have a count down and I will probably start packing months in advance. I can’t normally go a day without taking about Disney in some way shape or form so it will be very hard for me not to be super excited. 

2. How do you think you will feel the few days before your trip?

Probably extremely excited and not able to sleep at all I’ll be making sure that I have everything ready for the trip and probably empty my suitcase and pack all over again.

3. What are the things you are most excited about?

To put it simply I’m pretty much excited about everything but I’m super excited to see main street for the first time , all of the rides and mickey waffles and of course being there during the year of the 25th anniversary.  

4. When you see Disneyland Paris for the first time how do think you react?

Knowing me I will probably end up crying as soon as I see main street out of pure excitement and then I will probably have the biggest smile on my face the whole time I am there.

5. What will you do while travelling to Disney?

I’m planning to take my tablet with me and I will be travelling by euro star I think so I will probably end up watching a few films or and being way to over excited. 

6. What will you pack when you go Disney?

Well I’m going right at the end of September so I will probably pack lots of warm clothes and of course my Queen Ursula UK ears and my where seams come true bows 

7. Will you countdown the days until you go to Disney. If so, how?

Even though I’m not going to Disney until 2017 I’m already counting down the days and I use an app from the goggle play store. 

I tag everyone that has an up coming Disney trip!! 

Talk to you all again soon – Kimberley xx


4 thoughts on “The “I Just Can’t Wait To Go Disney” Tag

  1. That’s so awesome that you’re visiting during the 25th Anniversary year! I create trip countdowns really far in advance too, it’s all part of the excitement. 🙂

    Lovely post Kim and great job on the #lbloggerschat yesterday! Such interesting questions. 🙂


    The Mouse Chick Blog ♡


    1. I really can’t wait to see what special things they have there for the 25th anniversary! and i already have a countdown haha. And thank you I really enjoyed hosting im just hoping I get the chance to do it again. xx


  2. There are no Disney parks in the entire southern hemisphere! What a joke! I have been to HK Disney and the LA Disney though. Hopefully when I finally do a big European trip with my partner then we will go to the Paris one too!
    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination


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