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My Disney Traditions Collection

For my birthday this year I was given my very first Disney Tradition and I fell in love with them instantly and even though at the moment my collection is only small I wanted to show all what I have at the moment before my collection gets a lot bigger.

The First Tradition ornament I was given was the Tale As Old As Time ornament and this is the one that started my obsession with them and made me want to collect more.


As you can see these ornaments are breathtaking and you can see why I’ve decided to collect them. This particular ornament features all of the classic main characters from my favorite Disney film Beauty And The Beast and also includes the rose. I love how this ornament manages to capture the whole story in one moment of time and to me it feels incredibly romantic and I will always treasure this ornament.

The second and Third ornaments in my collection are two that I bought when the black Friday sales were on at the Disney store I had wanted these two particular ones for a while and them being on sale made me more certain that I had to get them on that day.

The first of the two is the Beautiful Belle Ornament

As you all know Belle is my all time favorite Disney Princess so after receiving the tale as old time ornament I’ve kind of made it my mission to collect all of the Belle Disney Traditions that they currently make. And I thought I would start with this one. Again the details are immense and I love the use of the colours and blending on this ornament and it perfectly captures Belle and her amazing personality. I can’t wait to buy more of the Belle traditions and try to complete my collection.

The second of the two is The Original One Mickey Mouse Ornament I picked this up after seeing it a few months earlier I knew I was going to have to buy myself this at some point if whether it was on sale or not I love mickey mouse I mean how can you not and the look on his face on this ornament is just so cute. As well as beautiful details , exquisite color blending and great carving. I can’t wait to buy more mickey mouse ornaments as my collection grows. I’ve got my eyes set of some of the beautiful fantasia ornaments that are on sale at the moment.

Do you collect Disney traditions if so I would love to hear what you have! let me know in the comments and be sure to leave your blog links so I can check them out.

Talk to you all soon – Kimberley xx


8 thoughts on “My Disney Traditions Collection

  1. Loving the Mickey tradition! We have quite a few now, I can’t even remember which ones we have 😐 So I think I might do a post like this once we sort through the house ^_^ my favourites are the Lilo & Stitch ones and the Christmas ones even though it means I only see them for a few weeks a year.


    1. I have quite a self confessed obsession with them and I really can’t wait to get some more I love the Beauty and the beast ones and the tangled ones and of course the mickey and Minnie ones and Donald though I am yet to find to many Donald ones. Be sure to leave me a like to your post when you have done it I would love to see which ones you have xx


    1. Aren’t they just can you see why I have such an obsession with them! I relate to belle so much and the story of BATB is one of my all time favourites x


    1. I’ve got my eyes set on some Rapunzel ones I got gifted another one for Christmas that is Minnie. I can’t wait to get more to add to my collection xx


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