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Disney Store – Black Friday Haul

So even after telling myself I wasn’t going to give in to the black Friday sales I couldn’t help but check out what Disney had on offer after hearing some wonderful things.


You all will have recently seen that I have quite a reasonably sized Disney Christmas tree decoration collection and when I saw that  the sketchbook decorations as well as some decorations from the parks were on three for two I had to get myself some more to add to my collection.

Here are the three that I picked up I sadly couldn’t get my hands on belle before she sold out but I keep checking the site just in case.

  • Rapunzel Sketchbook Decoration.


Rapunzel is my second favorite Princess for many reasons as you will have read in my top three Disney Princesses post so as soon as I saw that she was included in the three for two deal I knew straight away I was getting her. The detail of this decoration is breathtaking and its so adorably cute she sits perfectly on my tree.


  • Mickey Mouse Club – Sketchbok Decoration – Moments that made Disney.

No when I was looking through the decorations I had no idea that they did this but when I saw it. it was just too cute not to buy and I love the idea of this Moments that made Disney collection I would like to have all of this ornaments but it might take me a while. Again the quality of this ornament is amazing and its actually quite heavy but he does make a great addition to my already very Disney Christmas tree.


  • Wonderful World Of Colour – Tinkerbell Sketchbook Decoration.

I found this on the Disney store website completely by chance and which I saw it online I had no idea that it Lit up but it was a very welcome surprise when I opened up the box. No when i mentioned great details of the last tow ornaments this one completely blows them both out of the water when it comes to that this decoration is beautifully made and I’m so happy that I bought it when I did i would have been really gutted to have missed out on this.


No aside from the decorations I also bought two more things which I also happen to have a little bit of a self confessed obsession with and that is Disney Mugs being a big tea drinker I will never have enough mugs. The first mug I bought was a Christmas present that I bought for my mum and up ended up giving to her early.

It is this beautiful classic animation Alice In Wonderland mug. My mum loves the colour purple and she adores Alice In Wonderland so I just had to pick this up for her.


When it arrived I was amazed by the quality of it and how heavy and detailed it actually is. It was definitely worth the price that I payed and I can to see if anymore of the Classic Animation cup are released because I love the idea behind them and a collection would be great.


The second mug which is a super cute Bing Bong mug,  I bought I hadn’t actually seen in my local Disney store at all since the release of inside out but as soon as I saw it on the website and saw that it was on sale too I was sold and it went straight into my basket.

I mean just look at how cute he is I couldn’t help but buy him hes one of my favorite characters from the new films so much that I actually have a tattoo completely inspired by him! this mug actually holds so much tea its great and I’ve been drinking from it non stop. I’m hoping that I will be able to buy the full set of the inside out mugs before they aren’t on sale anymore because now I have Bing Bong I think I need the rest.


Did you pick anything up from the Disney store on black Friday If so I would love to hear what you got!

Talk to you all soon – Kimberley xx


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