My Top 3 Disney Princesses

You can probably tell by the rest of the posts on my blog I’m a bit of a Disney addict and I absolutely love Disney Princess. I’ve been wanting to do this post for a long long time but it’s actually taken me this long to make this list without changing my mind over and over again but here we go….

  1. Belle

Belle is and always will be my number one Disney princess because shes smart and she isn’t the damsel in distress she is very independent and has her own dreams and also she loves books so I can relate to her really well. The story of the Beauty and the Beast Film captured me like no Disney film has eve done before I’m still waiting for another to do the same.


2. Rapunzel

My second favorite Princess is Rapunzel purely because she quirky and she can fight her own battles even if she does use a frying pan. She is also very in ore of how beautiful the world can be and is so fun loving , kind and extremely artistic which I can relate to very well! Also just like belle she has her own dreams that she never gives up on. Tangled is my second favorite Disney film it had me laughing and crying and singing a long the very first time I saw it and it still does the same now.


3. Ariel

My third favorite princess is Ariel I had to include her in this list as shes the very first Princess I ever remember watching when I was younger and the little mermaid is pretty much the film that got me into loving Disney so much and I haven’t looked back since. There is very much a running theme within this is that all of my favorite Princesses all have dreams that they never gave up on. Especially Ariel she almost sacrificed everything for her dream! I also love how independent Ariel is and she has the heart to stand up for her self no matter what.

Scan 8.jpg

So I hope you enjoyed finding out who my all time favorite Princess are now I would love to know who is your favorite! Is there anybody I have missed on this list that you think should be on there? let me know.

Talk to you all soon! – Kim xx




4 thoughts on “My Top 3 Disney Princesses

  1. Snap! Those are my 3 favourites too, well Jasmine comes close 3rd with Rapunzel but I think the lovely princess with the beautiful long blonde locks just beats her 😉


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