The Disney Personality Tag

Hi Everyone!, how are you all? Today I am doing the Disney Personality Tag.

Snow White: Do You Consider Yourself Beautiful?

I don’t consider myself beautiful on the outside it may sound a little self centered but I don’t find myself ugly either I love the way I look and I am happy as I am and I do believe that beauty also can be found on the inside but I wouldn’t openly describe myself as beautiful.


Sleeping Beauty: How Many Hours Do You Sleep At Night?

To put it simply I love to sleep, sleeping is great and I love to get a lot of it i would say that each night I try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep this is just the right amount for me because if I over sleep I wake up feel even worse. There is no way at all I could have slept for as long as sleeping beauty did!



Cinderella: Do You Have A Curfew?

I do not have a curfew and I never have! I don;t think that curfews are as popular here in the UK as they are in america. Being 20 now I’m never going to have a curfew really but I don’t like late night anyway so I’m always in bed quite early.  So maybe I set my self a mental curfew without even knowing haha.


Rapunzel: Do You Love Being Outside?

This really depends on a few things. 1) It depends what mood I’m in as long as I’m in a good mood I love being outside. 2) What the weather is like if its too sunny or too cold I don’t like being outside it has to be just right!

But I do love animals and how beautiful nature can be so those aspects sometimes change my mind.


Beauty and the Beast: What Makes Someone Beautiful In Your Eyes?

For me this would have to be humor , personality , Kindness , caring and there sense of adventure! That’s not the end of my list I could go on for hours  but I will save you all from reading what will probably turn into an essay if I go on.



Pinocchio: What’s Your Biggest Wish?

Well I have a few of these! I hope I’m allowed to pick more than one. Here we go the first of my biggest wishes would be making sure that all of my loved ones and I lived healthy and happy lives. My second biggest wish would be that I would love for my career in photography to go well and help me start working as a photographer in one of the Disney parks. Last but not least my third biggest wish would to be able to experience all of the Disney Parks before I die as many time as possible.


Peter Pan: What Is Your Mental Age?

If I’m completely honest this changes all the time I really does depend on what mood I’m in! I can go from singing and dancing to Disney songs and watching Disney films and my mental age being about 10 and then I can be the most serious adult ever it all depends on my mood and the situations that I am put into.


I really hope you all enjoyed reading this Tag and getting a little glimpse into my personality! I EVERY Disney fan out there as I would love to see what other peoples answers are to this tag. This is the best Disney I have done so far and I look forward to finding some more to do soon.

Talk to you all soon! – Kim xx




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