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My Disney Christmas Decoration Collection

so as you can probably all tell its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! so I thought I would show you all my Disney Christmas Tree decoration collection. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t  mean that Disney gets pushed to the side I just find a way to mix Disney and Christmas together.

  • Simba ( 1992)


  • Tigger Angel


  • Bambi Christmas


  • Winnie-the-Pooh (Drum)IMG_1277.jpg


  • Daisy – (Carols)  IMG_1279


  • Uncle Scrooge – (Money Garland) IMG_1280.jpg


  • Pluto Reindeer


  •  Ice Skating Minnie IMG_1283.jpg


  • Ariel (Present) IMG_1285.jpg


  • Angel Donald IMG_1286


  • Pooh Bear Angel IMG_1288.jpg


  • Beast (with birds) IMG_1290.jpg

these will all be taking pride of place on my Christmas tree this year and I can not promise I won’t buy a lot more they are just too cute. What I love about these ones is that they are all classics and are the characters I grew up with they also do not sell these anymore which makes them even more special to me and I know that these will be on all of my Christmas trees for the rest of my life. Though I may need a few trees with the way my collection is growing.

Do you own any Disney Christmas tree decorations? If so I would love to know which ones you have and which ones are your favourite!

Talk to you all soon. Kim xx


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