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Where seams come true Bow review

I want to talk to you all about a great company called Where seams come true today. Where seams come true makes amazing Disney character inspired bows that are a great and fashionable way to incorporate Disney into your everyday outfits.

I found out about this company through Ellie Steadman and the video she posted on her YouTube channel of her Belle Bows and for those of you who have been following me for a while you will know that Belle is my all time favourite Princess. So I had to order myself some of the Belle Bows although it was very very hard not to order one of each bow on the etsy shop.

The belle Bows I received are simply beautiful I love that you can tell who they hint to but they aren’t too over the top and in your face.


The quality of these bows is amazing each is attached to a black hair clip and are very easy and comfortable to wear. I also love the Fabrics that they are made from and I have worn these so much since I received them and I love fitting a little bit of Disney and my favorite characters in to my outfits but these bows are also perfect of Disney bounds and Cosplays which I will also be using them for.  These bows are a set listing that you can buy on the etsy shop all the time they also come in a standard size which is attached to a hair tie.  These are perfect for any Belle super fan wanting to show there love to to their favorite character in a really simple yet beautiful way.


The second order I made from this company was a completely custom order. I ordered a matching pair of Donald Duck and Daisy Duck bows as well as a Rapunzel Bow.

Firstly they came packeged like this and addressed me as a princess which I think is such a great and simple little touch that makes this store even cuter shipping is also great and very quick!



These are my Donald and Daisy Bows I chose Donald and Daisy because they are my favorite non Princess characters and they were the first port of call when this shop started doing custom orders.

Again the quality of these bows is phenomenal and the colours of the fabrics are very vivid and the are both attached very well to a hair clip. These bows are mini in size but could be custom order so they were standard sized.  These bows are perfect and incredibly cute you can tell who the characters are straight away and I love that.


This is the Rapunzel bow that I ordered this bow is also available outside of the custom orders in the regular etsy shop but I wanted to add a small detail to this mine which was of course my favorite animal sidekick pascal! considering this bow is a mini sized bow the amount of detail on it is breath taking. the adorable addition of pascal I think adds even more cuteness to this bow its made of felt and sits perfect on the top part of this bow.

special thanks Hollie the owner of where seams come true for the amazing shop that she runs and the exceptional custom service she provides. I’ve left links to the shop in the post go and take a look and I guarantee you will fall in love with her shop!

There will no doubt be lots of post over time about my ever growing collection of where seams come true Bows. If you do end up ordering any bows from this shop let me know I would love to know which characters you went for.

Kim xx



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