Tony Baxter – Disney Legends Week – Day 6

Hi everybody welcome to day 6 of Disney Legends week I really hope you are all enjoy these post so far and they are introducing some people to the great and super talent people that they may not of already known were behind some of there favorite aspects of Disney. Today’s post is all about Tony Baxter.


( Year Inducted : 2013)

”In 1970, at age 23, Tony was hired as an Imagineer, and was soon shipped off to Orlando to serve as a field art director for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for the upcoming opening of the Magic Kingdom. He would remain in Florida until the end of 1971. In the following years came a string of creations that helped define the modern Disney park landscape. Tony’s teams developed Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the first of which opened at Disneyland in 1979. During that decade he also helped create concepts for the Seas and Land pavilions at EPCOT Center, as well as the unrealized Discovery Bay and Dumbo’s Circus areas for Disneyland.


In 1983 Disneyland debuted an entirely new Fantasyland; Tony’s team transformed the area into a spectacularly detailed European village with re-envisioned and enhanced


Imagination pavilion opened at EPCOT Center. Again led by Tony, the project resulted in one of the most timeless and beloved attractions in the Epcot roster as well as a pair of unforgettable characters—Figment and Dreamfinder.


More attractions followed. With Tony’s assistance, filmmaker George Lucas was brought into the Disney fold, resulting in innovative projects such as Star Tours (1987) and the groundbreaking Indiana Jones Adventure (1995). Childhood memories of Song of the South, which he saw in theatrical re-release, helped inspire Splash Mountain (1989)—the initial idea for which was Tony’s alone. He also worked on smaller projects, such as 1987’s opening of The Disney Gallery at Disneyland.”

( https://d23.com/walt-disney-legend/tony-baxter/)



So as you can see I obviously had to include Tony Baxter in my Disney legends week posts. Because when I say that Disney parks would not look the same without him they really really wouldn’t. Although Tony is no longer an Imagineer that work that he did while he was was phenomenal he helped to design and create some of the best rides we all know and love and He is totally deserving of his Disney legends award. I can not wait to experience some of these amazing rides when I get chance to take a trip to Walt Disney World and I wish I could thank Tony personally for all of the amazing hard work he put in to Disney to help make it even more magical.

Tomorrow is the last day of Disney legends week so don’t miss it!

Talk to you all soon. Kim xx


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