Ruthie Tompson – Disney Legends Week – Day 5

Hey everyone! Welcome to day 5 of Disney Legends week today’s post is all about the amazing woman that is Ruthie Tompson. If you don’t already know who she is I really hope this post helps to show you how much of an exceptionally talented women she is.


( Year Inducted : 2000)

”Ruthie Tompson’s technical mind led her to be named supervisor of the Scene Planning department at The Walt Disney Studios. There, she helped to establish the camera mechanics used to photograph animated scenes and background art onto film. As Bob Broughton, a Disney Legend and former Disney supervisor of special photographic effects, recalled, “Ruthie was mechanically inclined. She was excellent at figuring out the mathematical and mechanical logistics of camera moves.

Ruthie’s association with Disney began long before she was a Studio employee. As a child growing up in Hollywood in the 1920s, she lived a short distance away from the fledgling Disney Bros. Studio on Kingswell Avenue.

“I used to walk by the Disney Bros. storefront,” she once recalled.” I was curious and snooped around, and, finally, they invited me in for a look. After that, I’d visit quite often. I remember sitting on the bench and watching Roy shoot the animated cels onto film.”

Walt offered Ruthie a job as a painter in the Ink and Paint department, where she helped put finishing touches on the Studio’s first full-length animated feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which premiered in 1937.

She was soon promoted to final checker, reviewing the animation cels before they were photographed onto film. By 1948, Ruthie again transferred to animation checking and scene planning. As a result of her adept skill at guiding camera movement for animated films, in 1952 Ruthie was invited to join the International Photographers Union, Local 659 of the IATSE. She was one of the first three women to be admitted into the Hollywood camera union.


After dedicating nearly 40 years to The Walt Disney Company and working on virtually every Disney animated feature up through The Rescuers, Ruthie Tompson retired in 1975. She celebrated her 100th birthday in 2010. ” – https://d23.com/walt-disney-legend/ruthie-tompson/

As you can see there is a very clear reason why I just had to include Ruthie Tompson In my Disney Legends week post as she has made such a great contrition to Disney and I don’t feel that enough people recognise her for what she has done. When I say that Disney wouldn’t be the same without Ruthie Tompson I really am not exaggerating  any classic movie that children for generations have loved since snow white she was a part of. She helped to make sure that those films were absolutely flawless and completely magical and for that I am extremely thankful to her.


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