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Lucille Martin – Disney Legends Week – Day 4

Lucille Martin worked  as executive assistant for three Disney CEOs, Walt Disney, Ron Miller and Michael Eisner. In 1995, she was promoted to VP and special assistant to the Disney board, serving as a liaison between it and the company. A year after her retirement in 2006 Disney made her a Disney Legend. And there is no doubt that she absolutely deserved it.


Disney chairman-CEO Bob Iger said: “Lucille’s compassion, dedication and love for Disney are what made her such a valued colleague, treasured friend and Disney Legend.”

“But I have enjoyed all my days at Disney,” Lucille later said. “When Michael came, I was surprised he wanted me to stay on as his assistant. When I got my 20-year service award, he made a speech about how glad he was to be at Disney. Then he twinkled—like Walt—and added ‘And I got Lucille!’ Everyone applauded, and I felt wonderful!” – Lucille Martin


Lucille Martin passed away on October 24, 2012, in Studio City, California and again Like Dorothea Redmond I am very happy she become a Disney legend before her passing she played such and important roll in the behind the scenes working of Disney for a long long time and not everybody can say they were an executive assistant to 3 CEO’s of the Walt Disney Company now can they!

Remember don’t miss tomorrow Disney legends week post Its number 5!

Kim xx


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