Dorothea Redmond – Disney Legends Week – Day 3

“Her watercolor sketches were extraordinary placemaking,” Marty Sklar once said. “They expressed the concept so beautifully you felt you had already ‘been there’ in her restaurants and shop interiors, Walt’s suite for New Orleans Square, or along the promenade in Epcot’s World Showcase.”


(Year Inducted : 2008)

Dorothea Redmond was somebody I just had to but on this list because the Disney parks as we know them would not exist and be nearly as magical without the breathtakingly beautiful work that she did.



Dorothea started working with Disney Imagineering in 1966. She helped  to transform transform the Red Wagon Inn Restaurant into the Plaza Inn and she designed most of the shops and several several restaurants in New Orleans Square. She also worked along side Walt himself to design the Royal Suite, a private apartment in New Orleans Square for Walt to entertain guests. The royal suite is now known as the dream suite with rooms themed to almost every different land within the parks.


Dorothea also helped to make Walt Disney World as magical as it is too she worked on a lot of projects including Fantasyland, Main Street, and Adventureland.

The most recognised work of Dorothea’s are the large murals within Cinderellas castle they show a abridged version of the story of Cinderella. The panels are five fifteen by ten foot. Hanns-Joachim Scharff took the amazing drawings that Dorothea did  and with the help of his daughter and wife , he cut by hand and shaped over one million pieces of multicolored real silver, 14 carat gold, and Italian Glass.


So as you can see I really wasn’t over exaggerating when I said that Disney really wouldn’t be the same without Dorothea Redmond. The endless work she put in to make the Disney parks so opulent and magical is viewed by thousands of people very single day and I do believe that she would have loved to see how happy the places she help design make thousands of people both young and old very very happy. It shocked me to know that Dorothea was inducted into the Disney Legends until 2008 but I’m very glad that she was inducted before he passing.

What do you think of the work that Dorothea Redmond did? I would love to know comment on this post or tweet me @teaisawishkim. I look forward to hearing what you all think.

Don’t miss tomorrows Disney Legends post!

Kim xx


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