The Sherman Brothers – Disney Legends Week – Day 2

When thinking of who I wanted to include within my Disney Legends Week posts I knew straight away that I wanted to include The Sherman Brothers. The reason I wanted to include the Sherman brothers in this list is not because I think that they are under appreciated but because I believe that they have the most monumental impact on Disney without them it would not be the Disney we all know and love.


(Year Inducted : 1990)

It doesn’t matter if you are Disney fan or not you will have had a Disney song stuck in your head at one point or another. The Sherman Brothers’ influence is found in everything from classic Disney movies to theme park attractions and a lot more.

Here are some of the classic songs that The Sherman Brothers wrote for Disney

“There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” from the Carousel of Progress,

The song Was written for the Carousel of Progress it is an amazing  it’s an audio-animatronic show travels through the technological advances we’ve made since 1890.

This song simply had to be included on my list because it is such a big inspiration to me and and it never ever ever fails to make me happy and puts the biggest smile on my face ever single time I listen to it I actually have a lyric from this song tattooed within my Disney sleeve. It fully encapsulates the magic of Disney and always reminds me to follow my dreams. I challenge you to not love this song after the first time you listen to it.

“A Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins

The was the second song that the Sherman Brothers wrote to convince Julie Andrews to play her roll as Mary Poppins after she hated their first attempt. This is also my absolute favorite song from the film and one you can catch me singing to myself or humming a lot of the time. The song was inspired by Robert Sherman’s children who he saw after being asked make a second attempt at the song who had just had their polio vaccine that day and told him that it hadn’t hurt at all – the medicine was simply placed on on a sugar cube and they had no problem eating it like candy.  And that too me makes me even happier when I listen to this song.

”It’s a small word”

And last but not least It’s a small world this is a Disney classic and Disney really would not be the same without it everyone who has been to a Disney park will tell you that you can not go there without going on it’s a small world an as I have said before as soon as you hear this song you will have it stuck in your head for a good amount of time but that’s not exactly a bad thing right?

They also wrote a lot more songs which I will let you go and listen to yourselves you will be shocked when you find out just how many songs that The Sherman Brother actually wrote for Disney and I hope they provide you with as much influence as they have given me.

Don’t miss tomorrows Disney legends post! see you soon.

Kim xx


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