Finding Dory Trailer

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been very very excited about the upcoming release of Finding Dory in June.  Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Pixar films and as soon as they announced that they were going to make finding dory I was ready for it right there and then.


Although details regarding the movie’s plot are still scarce, Pixar President Jim Morris revealed that the movie takes place six months after the events in “Finding Nemo” and everyone will get a glimpse of Dory’s family.

After seeing what was said at D23 I was made even more excited about this film and I am really looking forward to seeing Dory’s family and then this trailer was released and I already know I’m going to absolutely love this film already. I didn’t expect the events within this film to take place so close to the events in finding Nemo but I think its definitely a great choice and I’m so excited for the fact that their will be be lots more Nemo merchandise in the Disney store and around the Disney parks there Just hasn’t been enough of it at all.

Are you excited for Finding Dory? Do you think they have made the right choices with the plot? Let me know comment on this post of tweet me @teaisawishkim

Kim xx


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