Live Action Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the beast is pretty much my all time favourite Disney film. So when it was announced that a live action of the movie was going to be made I was beyond excited but I also do have my reservations about this. Firstly being I’m obviously going to be very picky about this film considering the original is my favourite but my biggest reservation about the live action film is the casting it is going to have to be perfect for me to love this film especially for Belle.


So far this is what the cast looks like. I’m going to get this out of the way now and say I’m not the biggest fan of Emma Watson and she is pretty much the only pitfall I find within the current cast announcements. She could prove me completely wrong we will have to wait and see.


There is one main thing within these live action remakes that I’m not particularly a fan of and that is the lack of songs. But I suppose they are not only adapted from the films so there is a loop whole there. The soundtracks are my favourite parts of Disney movies and I just can’t quite get into the live action remakes as much without them. Though saying that I did love the live action Cinderella film so the BATB remake could be great too.  The film is to be released on March 17, 2017, in and of course as soon as I have seen it I will do a write up as per usual.

Are you looking forward to this film? Are you happy with the casting of this Film so far? Comment and let me know!

Kim xx


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