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WilyFoxVintage Disney Mystery Box

I recently found out about a great store called WilyFoxVintage this company and it’s lovely owner Jen offer a range of great themed mystery boxes and also sell a lot of great Vintage pop culture items. As soon as I saw that WilyFoxVintage sold Disney mystery boxes I just had to buy one.



Firstly the packaging these items came in is amazing and all of the details are adorable. I’m a sucker for anything holographic so this alone wanted to make me order more items from this amazing store. Like I said previously this store offers such a great range they pretty much do an option for every different thing show on the sticker in the picture and probably more.


The first item that I took out of the package was this beautiful piece of art depicting one of the Disney castles. That I will be framing as soon as I get the chance I loved this image as soon as I saw it the colours in it are simply breathtaking. I really appreciate great art and when that art is Disney themed it makes it even better.


The second item I took out of the package was this amazing Robin Hood notebook from what I can tell the covers of this notebook are actually made from one of the original books and I can actually say I think that this note book is one of the best I have ever owned and I really want loads more like this! It’s almost so pretty I don’t think I can bring myself to write in it just yet.


The next things that I pulled out of the package were these two vintage cards as a child I loved Hunchback Of Notredame so this card was a brilliant surprise for me. And the snow white card I loved as soon as I saw its , its beyond adorable and I really think this should be re printed and used for valentines cards. I know I’m not the Only person who would love that.


I also received this Hidden Mickey Tinkerbell Pin that I was absolutely delighted to find. I’ve recently wanted to start getting to pin trading and pin collecting  so receive such a cute pin was great though I don’t think I would trade this pin as I love Tinkerbell too much this is actually the second pin in my collection though my Donald duck pin will never be traded. I’ve actually ordered some more pins from this store I’ll be sure to post about them when they get here.


I’ve loved postcards for a while now but I’ve just not had the time to start collecting them properly yet and Alice in wonderland is also one of my favourite Disney Films so I was so happy to see both of these things combined together and getting this has made me want to start picking up postcards again to remember events by.

Safe to say I will be buying from this shop again there value for money is amazing and the items that you receive really are top quality.

If you have any questions about this don’t be afraid to ask!

Kim xx


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