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Disney Vans Donald Duck Rucksack Review

Have you seen any of the Disney vans collections? If so you probably fell in love with them just as quickly as I did! If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that Donald duck is my all time favourite non princess Disney character. I loved the rucksack as soon as I saw it but it took me a while to convince myself that I needed it and needed to spend that much money on it but I caved in and treated myself.


I am so glad I bought this the quality is amazing the the print is so clear and adorably cute! The colours on this bag are also really bright and It holds a lot more than you would think it would hold. This bag is going to be really durable and it will last me a long time. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I’m currently planning a trip to Disneyland Paris in 2017 this is going to be my park bag that I take with me as it will hold all of the park essentials that I need.

If you are currently admiring any of the Disney Vans collection items and you are wondering if they are worth the prince they really really are. There is no harm in treating yourself.

If you have any questions about this bag let me know I will be happy to answer any of them.

Thank you for joining me again today and I hope you are all having a good week.

Kim xx


2 thoughts on “Disney Vans Donald Duck Rucksack Review

  1. I was really lucky and got the Winnie the Pooh Vans & Mickey Vans Backpack for my birthday and I love them! I tried the shoes on and they were a lot more comfortable than I thought they would be! So I may have treated myself to another pair but this time Belle ones! We must think along the same lines as my backpack will be my Disney bag for our trip in April 2016! xx


    1. the collections are so cute i wanted to belle ones but then i saw the Donald ones so I’m probably going to treat myself to those at some point haha xx


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