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This Years pumpkin!

Yes its that time of year again time to get those pumpkins ready for one of the best time of year! This year I wanted to combine my love of Disney and my love of Halloween together so I went with a Mickey mouse design sweet and simple! and I must admit its quite cute too.


This is the stencil I used for my pumpkin I did all of this work on a reasonably sized tea cloth to make sure no mess was made of my carpet and I could keep everything tidy and confined. To draw my stencil onto my pumpkin I used a whiteboard pen. The reason I decided to use a whiteboard pen is so that after I had carved the shape I could then rub away the pen that was still left on the pumpkin It actually worked really well and I be doing this next year as well now I know it works.


When carving I used a reasonably small but sharp knife this was so I could go around the pattern without mickey turning into squares. If you are doing a classic pumpkin design you could probably use a large knife but if you are doing a design that has a lot of detail its probably best that you use a small knife. An remember if you are reading this and you are under the age of 14 then you must remember to ask a parent before using sharp knives and always do this under parental supervision



I actually think I did pretty well with this years pumpkin and i might even give another one ago before Halloween gets here! I would love to see how you have all carved your pumpkins this year and I hope you all have a great Halloween this year.

-Kim xx


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