My top 10 Teas!

As you all know I love tea so I thought I would give you all a little insight into my favourite Teas! I feel like this post comes as just the right time because tea is the greatest drink for autumn and winter time. There is nothing better to warm you up than a big cup of tea on those cold rainy days.

So here we go!

1. Yorkshire Tea.
Now as much as I love my flavoured teas and green tea my tip favourite tea will always be a big cup of classic Yorkshire tea. The powers that Yorkshire tea has when you need a helping had to push you through the day are phenomenal!


2. Tea Pigs Apple and Cinnamon.

I’ve spoken about this tea before in one of my Friday posts and it is quite simply the most perfect autumn winter tea. The balance of flavours is perfect and if  you are new to tea this will be a great tea for you to start with. I’m not even sorry for the tea addiction this will probably cause you to develop. Just try it you will never look back.

3. Whittard’s strawberry and vanilla tea

291104 Straw & Van

This tea is one of my top five teas for summer because you can have it hot or cold I personally prefer to have this ice cold which really really helps for the summer time on those really hot days. Its very sweet so those of you with a sweet tooth like me will love this. This was the first Flovoured tea I ever tried and It is to blame for my Whittard addiction. This tea is also extremely moreish and you’ll find once you buy it that you tub will go down very very fast.

4. Whittard’s Dream Time


For a person that often struggles with getting to sleep this tea is a god send so I had to include this on my list. It really does do exactly what is days on the tin it send you off to sleep within no time. I have this tea hot because I think this works the best to help me get to sleep. But this tea like the strawberry and vanilla one can also be drank cold. I suggest dreamtime to everybody no matter if you have sleeping problems or not because it tastes delicious as well the help with sleep is just a little added extra that makes this tea perfect.

5. Whittard’s Apple and Elderflower


Like the tea pigs tea I have already mentioned in this post this tea is perfectly balanced no flavour overpowers the other which I often do find in some flavoured tea. This tea I drink mostly in the summer as its very cleansing and really helps to get you ready for your day. This tea I always drink hot I have tried it cold but its not as nice cold and nowhere near as refreshing. Its a very minimal flavour but again this is a great starter tea for anyone who wants to get in to different kinds of tea.

6. Whittard’s jasmine tea


I have to include this tea on my list as I was so happy to find a deliciously light flavoured green tea. I’ve tired so many different flavoured green teas and never been happy with any of them. This tea is perfect full stop. It is light and airy any really helps to clear your mind and helps to wake you up on those early mornings i mean lets face it we all have those mornings when its hard to wake up. If you are only just getting into trying different types of tea then I would suggest that you try and original green tea first to make sure you like it before trying this.

7. Clipper Original Green Tea

As I mentioned If you are new to green tea Clippers green tea is certainly one you should try before splurging buying lots of flavoured green tea you don’t want to waste your money if you aren’t going to like it. Clippers Original green tea was the first green tea I ever tried and it’s the only original green tea that I like. I normally have this after I’ve eaten but if its cold In summer I like to take this out with me as it works really well to keep me highlighted. This is a tea I would suggest you only drink hot its looses all of its qualities when its cold.


8. Whittard’s very berry crush

This is a new tea for me I bought this just before my birthday as I was gifted a beautiful tea set from my amazing other half I just had to try some new teas with it as well. This Tea is very nice again its one I would only drink hot though I haven’t tried it cold yet which I might have to do. This is again a winter warmer though it doesn’t really have much spice in it It berry flavours are great for this time of year. I will certainly be buy this one again when I run out.


9.Whittard’s mango and bergamot

Again this is a new tea form the same set as the very berry crush one. This is a very very fruity tea and to me this screams summer and it will probably be one I save up until then as it doesn’t really fit the season we are in at the moment. This is is one I would suggest could be drank hot or cold though I have only tried it hot. I can imagine it would be incredibly refreshing when its cold. One I would highly suggest for lovers of fruity flavours.


10. Twinnings peppermint tea

And last but by very means least is Twinnings peppermint tea. This is number ten on my list as it is only a tea I really drink around Christmas time peppermint just screams Christmas to me. I always have this hot though even when hot its actually quite a cooling tea. It’s great to drink after eating or between different dishes as it will refresh you really well. Despite it being a very cooling tea this tea is good for just before bed as well I find. Certainly one I suggest for this Christmas time.



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