It’s Time For Teas (#4)

So its that time again grab a seat … Its time for tea!

Today’s tea of choice is a one I recently bought at Whittard in Manchester its an apple and elderflower tea that I simply had to try when I saw it in the shop! As you can all probably tell by now I love apple tea and I wasn’t at all disappointed by this tea! It has just the right balance of apple and elderflower normally I find elderflower to be incredibly overpowering but Whittard has done very well to perfect the flavours in this tea this is certainly one I will buy again and again as soon as I run out.

This weeks it’s time for Teas is definitely one for the Disney fans the three products that I will be featuring are from a few different shops by the end of this post you’ll all be able to see that even when I’m in shops that aren’t the Disney store I always manage to find Disney products haha.

So here we go!

The first product I want to talk to you about is from Primark. This new jumper features Tinkerbell in gold and the words ‘Never grow up’ in large white font, the main colour of the jumper is what I can only describe as midnight blue. At first when I saw this in the shop I thought it was going to be a bit scratchy from how the material looks but as soon as I tried this on I knew I had to buy it. It is so so so soft and snuggly the first time I wore it I didn’t want to take it off and I can’t wait to wear it more as the weather gets colder! The sizing of this jumper is actually really great I sometimes struggle with the sizing in Primark as some items can run super small but this runs very true to size and is actually just the right amount of baggy and looks great with both jeans and skirts! And is certainly a must have for any Disney fan throughout the colder months!


Now you all may or may not know I’m a sucker for Disney PJs and Primark never ever let me down in that department but this year they have really stepped up their game they now have Disney princess PJs they had a vest and short set and they also had a jumper and legging / pant duo the jumper was far to thick for me to sleep in so I only bought the legging because I had to pick up at least one piece of this absolutley adorable new collection. The leggings are pale pink in colour with black illustrations of some of the Disney princess including my favourite belle and text in the same style as the illustrations that includes things like ‘we can’t all own a castle’ and ‘have you seen my prince’ amongst others. Also instead of the cuffs that normally feature on Primark’s sleep leggings they have small cuffs made up of black lace which is one of my favourite features. Not only are these incredibly adorable but they are super comfy to sleep in as well and the sizes are true to size. I really hope Primark decide to make this collection bigger and branch it into everyday clothing.


I was clearly in a very practical mood on this shopping trip and when it finally came to trying to find a big enough bag for my second year at uni I was very very happy when I came across Primark’s new range of mickey and Minne print bags and they had one big enough to fit all of my uni things in for this upcoming year! This bag is huge it may not look it from the outside but this bag is like a tardis and is definitely bigger on the inside, it fits all the essential things I need for uni in it and still has more space. The bag is cream in colour and has an extremely cute mickey and Minnie print all over it with both in their trademark outfits. Really glad that Minnie is in red and not pink hate that pink outfit! It has two small straps handbag style and it also has a detachable big strap which is not something I noticed when I first bought it but I’m really glad it has it! In this collection they also have canvas backpacks in the same print. I’ve been using this bag since I bought it, its really durable and cleans off well too.


image I

Thank you all again for joining me for tea and I hope you all have a great weekend!
– Kimberley K – It’s Time For Teas xx


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