It’s Time For Tea’s #3

It’s that time again .. Take a seat It’s Time For Teas

Today while writing this post I’m drinking Apple and cinnamon tea , This tea is from a company called TeaPigs. now as you will know from my last It Time For Teas post (#2) I have a new found love for apple tea. So you can imagine the excitement I had when I found the perfect autumn tea while in Tesco I just had to try it! This tea taste like classic apple pie its warming and sweet but the cinnamon gives it it a punch kick too. It’s definitely the perfect fruit tea for autumn. If you love apple pie you will love this tea.


So I have three products I want to talk to you all about today. As you can probably tell from reading some of my previous posts I’m a huge lush fan so all of the items in this weeks ITFT post are all Lush products!

The first product I want to talk to you you all about today is the Golden Slumbers bath bomb.

As far as I know this product is a Lush kitchen exclusive but if you can get your hands on it , I would highly suggest you give it a try. Just like the dream time temple balm this bath bomb has lavender and camomile in it and it really helped me relax and helped to give me the best nights sleep I have had in a while. It also made my water really soft and silky so much that I almost fell asleep in the bath. Now this bath bomb as you can see from the picture does have a little bit of gold shimmer that will stay in your bath so if you don’t like to be a little bit shimmery after your bath this bath bomb isn’t for you. This bath bomb does devolve really quickly though and doesn’t leave gritty bits in your bath over all I think I would give this product a 4 out of 5 I think it would be a little better without the actual bits of Lavender sprigs in it as they are a little bit scratchy but aside from that this bath bomb is great.

The second product I want to talk to you about is The Comforter? Body scrub.

This is my second favourite body scrub that Lush make the sent is so indulgent and it really makes my skin feel so so soft Ive been using this after shaving my legs and it really helps to keep them super soft and is very easy to use. If you struggle with dry skin on some parts of your body like I do this will really hell you. I would deffinetly give this product 5 out of 5 , aside from all of this I am really pleased that this product isn’t scratchy and doest hurt when I use it which is a problem I have a lot as I have pretty sensitive skin. All in all I feel that this product is best for people with sensitive skin that can get dry though obviously anyone can use this product I just feel like it would work best for these people.

The last product I want to talk to you about this week is Stepping Stone Foot Scrub!

To be honest my feet are the one area of my body that probably gets the least amount of pampering, but suffer the most. This foot scrub shares the same sent as lush’s You’ve been mangoed but also has a hit of lemon and lime to it as well. The great thing about this scrub is that it takes effect straight away, not only that but it is also antibacterial, my feet are always so soft straight after using this and they smell great too. I would only suggest to use this product around once every few weeks as over use could put your feet in a little bit of pain. I would give this product a 4 out of five only becuase in my person opinion I prefer products that have a sweeter smell and the smell of this is too grassy for me but it really serves it’s purpose and the sent for me is the only downfall.

Im just going to apologise now for making you all want to take a trip to Lush after reading this post but happy shopping!

Again thank you for joining me for this weeks It’s Time For Teas #3 and if you have any questions at all, all of the links to where you can talk to me are on my find me page!

– Kimberley K – xx


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