6 Things I Love About Autumn

It’s finally my favorite season of them all …Autumn so I just wanted to share with you all some of the things I love about Autumn. Now as I said Autumn is my favorite season so i could keep going and going with this list but for today I’m just going to stick to 6 things I love about Autumn just to keep me form making this post super super long.


The Air  :

Especially in early autumn we are still lucky to have some slightly nice weather. But there’s a great crispness in the air, especially in the early morning and . It’s the first hint of winter but it’s not chilling you to the bone. Love it!

Pumpkin everything!

My absolute favorite product that Starbucks do is the pumpkin latte and it breaks my heart that it is only a seasonal product because I would drink it all year round if I could and just look at how cute the autumn cups are! i totally prefers them over the Christmas ones. Another pumpkin Product I pumpkin pie has to be my favorite thing to eat on those cold autumn night. And I’ve absolutely got to get my hands of one of lush’s sparkly pumpkins I mean with glitter and pumpkin you can’t really go wrong.



I’m calling it now: Halloween, with all its , kitschy ghoulishness, is the best holiday ever! I love Halloween so much in fact that an entire tattoo sleeve of Halloween tattoos planned and I cant wait for it to be finished. I love that its a whole holiday that centers around having fun and playing pranks and also that  , Halloween decorations are awesome without being too sentimental, overly expensive, or in need of complicated wires. and also I love that Halloween celebrates gluttony. It’s all about consuming treats. and whole doesn’t like to be given permission to indulge their sweet tooth?


The Colours

Autumn is great for colours, when the leaves change it almost makes the world look like an oil painting and as a photographer it has to be my favorite season to photograph and I always have my camera out so much more during the autumn. I especially love that all the the shops tend to stick to the same colour palette as the leaves and it is my favorite colour palette of all time.

  I don’t know there is just something about autumn colours that are incredibly comforting. so get ready to see lots more photos up on my blog and on my Instagram over the autumn period.

Autumn clothing

I love that in autumn I can layer to my hearts content and as I said with most clothing retails stocking clothes in my favorite colours its hard to not have a completely new wardrobe by the end of autumn. Another thing I love about autumn clothing is Knitwear! I would live in knitwear all year round if I could. I’m currently keeping my eye on a lot of the Joe Browns Knitwear because its all simply beautiful and its going to kill me to choose between all the the items they have. I’ll certainly be posting a lot more outfit of the day posts throughout the autumn.

Autumnal Foods 

Autumn is the best season for foods, in terms of food autumn is almost a warming comfort food season and I simply love it. Only in autumn can you get away with using so much cinnamon and so so so much pastry both savory and sweet. Truthfully I can actually say I like autumn foods so much more than Christmas foods. And like I said about Halloween the autumn season is pretty much the only time of the year that nobody cares how much you give in to your sweet tooth and all year round I have to control my sweet tooth so I bloody love autumn!


Thanks again for joining me today and I hope you all have a great autumn – Kimberley K – It’s Time For Teas xx


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