It’s Time For Teas #2

It’s that time again .. grab a seat .. it’s time for tea!

Today while I’m writing this post I’m drinking Whittards strawberry and vanilla tea. Whittard has to be one of my favorite tea companies out there and their strawberry and vanilla tea is my absolute favorite, Though Whittard also do a huge range of teas that I highly suggest to every tea lover out there.and i must admit I do have a bit of an obsession with how cute the tubs are that their powdered tea comes in , such beautiful artwork.

291104 Straw & Van

This week has been a week full of adulting, I’ve been sorting things out for my second year at uni and all that jazz which can get pretty stressful at times. But one thing that has been great about this week was that after joining in with some blogger chats on twitter I’ve talk to some great people and i have really begun to feel part of the blogging community. This weekend is set to be a fun one though and I’m hoping it will help me relax a lot more, I hope you all have a a great week and that your weekends go amazingly as well.

Any way lets make a start on some of the new products I’ve started using / drinking this past week.

The first item I want to talk to you all about is rimmel’s vintage pink lipstick (180) now I wanted to try this lipstick after hearing about it in a youtube video and absolutely loving the shade of it as soon as I saw it. As a person who has rather pale skin I think that this shade is perfect for me and suitably vintage for my tastes. I tried a red lipstick and my skin tone doesn’t work very well with colours but this lipstick is one I will be repurchasing time and time again, the search for my perfect lipstick is finally over a think! Watch out for this lipstick being featured in lots of posts in the future because there is no doubt it will pop up a lot.  If you would like to hear more info about this lipstick or would like me to do a more in depth review let me know I’d be more than happy to do that. 45f5f417fd7a62dda955793465f7e276

The second thing I want to talk to you about is from lush and its their Dream Time Temple Balm. ”Crafted with a blend of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood oils, this temple balm will calm and soothe you into total relaxation. Simply rub a bit onto your fingers and gently massage it on your temples or pulse points to help you drift off and connect with your inner calm.” – Lush


Now I’m not normally one too love Products that smell predominately like lavender but this temple balm is amazing. I sometimes struggle with quite bad headaches and ever since I ever since I’ve started using this balm is really been helping it’s doesn’t completely take away the headache but it really does seem to calm it a little bit and help me get to sleep. I would recommend this to anyone that has trouble with headaches or with getting to sleep because it really does help a lot more than I thought it would especially in terms of my headaches.

The last product I want to talk to you about is a product from a Deli in Rotherham town center called Miele’s it is such a cute place that does amazing food a drink and lots more. I saw this Turkish apple tea and I just had to try it I was right to want to try it because it is Delicious , its incredibly refreshing and sweet and I will certainly be going back for more when I run out Miele’s also does really really nice Cannoli’s my favorites have to be there pistachio ones but they also do chocolate and vanilla. If you are ever in Rotherham center Miele’s is  a place you absolutely have to visit it really does deserve all of the custom it can get.


So that’s it for this weeks Time For Tea but if anybody would like me to do a more in depth review of the products I have mentioned let me know I would be more than happy to do so. Thank you for join me for tea again and have a great weekend.

– Kimberley K – It’s Time For Tea’s xx


2 thoughts on “It’s Time For Teas #2

    1. its such a pretty shade as soon as i saw it i knew i would love it. i would seriously suggest trying it if you haven’t already. Its a great shade for autumn as well. hope you have a great weekend – Kimberley xx

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