Disney Bounding

Hey there guys! So I recently found out about a thing called Disney bounding , and for those of you who don’t know what Disney bounding is which I’m sure there aren’t many of because I’m seem to be pretty late to the part haha. Well Disneybounding can be summed up this way: “Using items you can find in your own closet or local mall, create the looks outside of costumed or cosplay looks, which represent your favourite Disney character, while having fun with fashion!”

I found out about Disney bounding from a group of youtubers called thingamavlogs in this video https://youtu.be/_qkAb7yg_d8 in which they show how to shop for some simple Disney bound outfits! I was then directed from the links in there video description to the Disney bound tumblr blog on which there was so much inspiration for different characters from through out the years of Disney that I’ve decided to give this a go, here’s a few characters that I’ll be Disney bounding in the near future :



These are the first two characters I will be Disney bounding the outfits won’t be exactly the same as the ones featured but they will be along the same lines I picked these characters because they are my all time favourite female Disney characters so I wanted to do them first. (all image credit goes to the Disney bound tumblr http://disneybound.tumblr.com ) they also have inspiration for some many more characters on there so go and give the page a visit and see if you can find your favourite character a go and give Disney bounding a go with me I would love to see what results you all get out of it as well!

Again I know I’m really late to this party so I would love to hear if any of you have done any Disney bounds before and if so which character or characters did you do and which ones are you looking forward to doing? Also if you have any tips for me I would love to hear them too!

– Kimberley xx


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