It’s Time For Teas! #1

So here it is my very first main end of week blog posts under my blogs new “re branding” of sorts! I wanted to start this off really positively but as you all my have noticed this post is up a day late but I’m sure for the first one we can let that slide … Right? Anyway Grab a Seat … It’s Time For Teas , today while I’m writing this post I’m drinking green tea , its just normal unsweetened green tea from the company Twinings. http://www.twinings.co.uk seriously if you love tea as much as I do Twinings are a God send they have a different tea for almost every mood and situation you could possibly think of.

This week has been an incredibly busy but I have a few new products I’ve used this week that in would love to talk to you all about. First of all I want to talk to you all about Disney tsum tsum this is a craze I told myself I would never let myself cave into but I just couldn’t keep myself away I went into the Disney store and saw they had Donald tsum tsum and everyone that knows me knows that Donald and Daisy are my favourite non princess Disney characters so I had to buy myself the Donald one and I’m so happy I did he is unbelievably cute and I know this is going to turn into a very expensive obsession for me.


If any of you collect tsum tsum I would love to hear about the ones you own and the ones you want to own drop me a tweet or a comment and let me know!!     (love the Disney stores bags as well)

The second item that I want to talk to you all about is the Herbal Essences clearly naked range. To put it quite simply I love this range I have been using the volume shampoo and conditioner from this range as volume is something I struggle the most with, with my hair. Now I’m normally a Lush girl when it comes to my shampoo and conditioner but I must admit that this products definitely work better on my hair than any other products ever have.  One of the best aspects to this range is that non of the shampoos or conditioners have any colourants or silicone in them which is something I myself had never seen before but products that do contain those ingredients normally put my hair in such bad condition so as soon as I saw these products I had to pick them up and give them a try.

The last thing I want to talk to you about its more of a hobby than a product but I’d love to inspire more people to pick this up! Ive wanted to learn how to crochet for ages now but I’ve not really had the time until my most resent break from uni for the summer and yesterday I finally took the jump and bought myself a ball of yarn and a crochet hook (3.5mm just in case anyone wanted to know) and I picked them up for a relatively low price in my local Wilkinson’s but I’m sure they stock them UK wide. Anyway since I’ve been practising and with a lot of help from my mum I’ve taken to it pretty quickly and today I finished my first ever granny square!


I would highly suggest crocheting to everybody once you get the hang of it , its incredibly relaxing and stress reliving! I’ve decided I’m going to make a blanket with all of the granny squares I’m going to make but I will post more about that very very soon!

So that’s it for this weeks It’s Time For Tea post I really hope you all enjoy reading this and if you would like me to talk about anything I’ve mentioned in this post more in depth throughout the next week either drop me a tweet ( @itstimefortea) or leave a comment on this post to let me know. I look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon! ( I was not sponsored to talk about any of the products or companies in this post)

– Kimberley xx


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