It’s Time For Change

Okay maybe that title sounds a little to dark for what the subject of this post is but its title that fit the best. So here we go! Resently I thought to myself that the reason I hadn’t been posting too much was because my life wasn’t completely revolving around the specific themes I had given this blog so I took the jump and decided to not completely change the theme of my blog but just give it what I suppose you could call a  re branding so that I didn’t really have to stick to posting to just one theme I will still post about my outfits and do product reviews but there will also be a lot more content that revolves around the things I love and what I do in my life.

The one theme that will go through every post is tea as I mentioned in my previous post. So from now onward when ever you read my posts I will always be drinking a cup of tea while I write and what ever I am drinking that day I will introduce the products and the companies to you , but don’t worry my post won’t all be about tea that will just be a small section of my posts.

I hope you will all stick with my blog as I make it into something I will love a lot more.

Thank you – Kimberley K – It’s Time For Teas x



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