Time for tea

First of all I just want to apologies to the everyone , I’ve not posted in such a long time but believe me I do have my reasons I promise. I wanted to come back to the blog with something that will make sure I post at least once a week from now on. So from next week onwards and  every Friday thereafter i will be doing Time For Tea where I will update you on my weekly goings on and I will post about anything I buy within the week that I think you guys will be interested in so I can find out which items you would all like reviews of. Each week as well I’m going to try and have a different type of tea to tell you all about becuase I can openly admit that i am very much a tea addict. Of course I am still going to do outfit of the days when I can and clothing/product reviews as well. The first Time For Tea will be next Friday I can’t wait to start this!!

So happy to be back posting and give you guys and dolls so reassurance that I will be posting regularly at least once a week from now on!

– Kim xx


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